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About Tunguska Electronic Music Society

The Community

The community named "Tunguska Electronic Music Society" was created by several musicians and composers on the threshold of centenary of the Tunguska phenomenal catastrophe, in order to capture the public attention to such an extraordinary event.

The musical component in the work of community is the melodious instrumental and electronic music. The creative lab of the community is based on the forum and acts since the 11 April 2007. In the course of year the selection from more than 100 authors’ exclusive tracks was made and the first CD of the "Tunguska Chillout Grooves" saw the light.

The Community’s Manifesto

"Tunguska Electronic Music Society" is the independent creative group of free artists who compose free music for free people. The creative lab of the community is based on Mutual Respect, Love and Understanding. Every wishing person who shares the community’s principles, ideas and aims can become a part of "Tunguska Electronic Music Society". The target of the community is the creation of the alternative musical, video and cinema cultural layer, where the main motivator of the creation is the creation itself.

The Community’s Activities

The music of the "Tunguska Electronic Music Society" is represented today at all leading media-portals of the planet with the first CD of the series, named "Tunguska Chillout Grooves vol.1".

The music also can be heard at:

1. German technical museum in Munich.

2. Store chain "Fozzy" at the Ukraine.

3. Store chains "OBI" and "IKEA" in Southern Germany.

4. TV channel "Academy" in Odessa.

5. Several tens of chill-out bars, restaurants, cafes, fitness-salons and entertaining centers in Italy, Greece, Croatia, Spain, Germany and Russia.

Currently, the work on the introduction of the community’s music into the production of telecommunication operators’ and mobile phone and computer games manufacturers’ is taking place. The following activities are in process now: montage of the first documental ecological film "Heart of the Taiga", composing of music for films and projects of "Discovery Planet" and "Discovery History" channels as well as for network presentations of GEO and National Geographic magazines and for two computer games and console manufacturers.

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