суббота, 19 марта 2011 г.

Tunguska Artefacts. Beginning.

Artefact (from Latin "artefactum" — artificially made) - phenomenon, process, object, feature of an object or a process, which appearance under natural circumstances in the observed conditions is impossible or unlikely. Therefore, the appearance of an artefact is a sign of an aimed interference into the observed process or an availability of some unrecorded factors. (wikipedia)

On our arrival to this planet, we knew for sure, that we would find traces of our great civilization here. It took a lot of time and efforts, but the compensation was generous.

Tunguska E.M.S. proudly presents its Artefacts:
Tunguska Artefacts - Orange Tram & Tunguska Artefacts - Spring Bloom.

Orange Tram resembles of an air cleaner, but with some secret. Pure light breeze wraps you with its coolness and carries you beyond the limits of this world. Carries you to the palce, where you can feel good and be free. To be used for at least one hour per day.

Spring Bloom, when used, produces the effect of a cocktail with vitamins added. Removes fatigue, relaxes and refills your energy. Recommended for usage once of twice per day.

In the "observed conditions" the appearance of these products "under natural circumstances" would have been "impossible or unlikely". This is an unearthly music. This is our music. And we had just started searching.

With respect and love,
Tunguska E.M.S. team.

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